24-7 Jobs - Your Personalized Job Matchmaker

24-7 Jobs - Your Personalized Job Matchmaker

24-7 Jobs is a groundbreaking app that revolutionizes the job market by creating meaningful connections between home owners, employers and job seekers through a light-coded system and private chat rooms, making the job search process efficient and cost-effective. Say hello to your dream job or ideal candidate today with 24-7 Jobs!

We Are “24-7 jobs”

The jobs market today is booming. In fact, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 13 million jobs have been added in the last two years alone. And that number is growing. Yet with all the available jobs that exist what is still missing is a platform that specializes in the one on one connection between the job seeker,  employers and home owners who seek them in a personal and highly professional way. Until now, introducing the 24-7 Jobs app. 

Effective Solutions for Your Job Search

24-7 Jobs is an innovative app that assures an effective, efficient, and money-saving connection between those seeking services and those offering jobs. Say goodbye to your high leads sometimes costing $70 to $120 per lead and get a lot more for one low price a month. One of the unique functions of 24-7 Jobs is its three light-coded systems of green, blue, and purple. Green indicates a full-time employment availability, Blue indicates a part-time job is available and The Purple light indicates an apprentice job is available for anyone that likes to learn a new skill. The 24-7 Jobs app is easy to use. For the home owner create a short basic profile including your name, phone number and address. For the job seeker upon download simply create a profile page with your name, location, email (optional), skills, specialties, licenses, and certifications or the type of work you are seeking.

Effective & Efficient Solutions for Your Job Search
Engage and Connect with Job Seekers​

Engage and Connect with Job Seekers

On the employer or hiring side, create your profile page with your name and/or company name, location, website (optional) review of the work you seek (photos optional), and pay or salary scale. You can then connect with the job seeker, home owners and job providers  via the private chat room and correspond with your future professional hire. Another unique function of the 24-7 Jobs app is its rotating cube, which highlights the open job opportunities and assists Pros in promoting their business and services in all the states with a click of the square. They will appear in their local city areas.

Revolutionize Your Job Search: Get Ready to Work with 24-7 Jobs

24-7 Jobs is a revolutionary app for anyone seeking home services, work or a space to offer their services, or business whether as a plumber, accountant, lawyer, restaurant, big company, or small business they have a match for you 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  24-7 Jobs app is the creation of a general contractor with many years of experience who states, “I developed 24-7 Jobs because I saw a need for job seekers, apprentices, and employers to make it easier for them to make long-lasting connections. 24-7 Jobs is more than just an app, it is a life changer.” Download 24-7 Jobs on IOS or Android today for your free three-month trial period and subscription information.

Revolutionize Your Job Search: Get Ready to Work with 24-7 Jobs

App Features

Find Part-Time & Full-Time Jobs nearby | Join 24-7 Jobs Today
  • Light-Coded Job Search:

    Utilize the innovative light-coded system of green, blue, and purple in 24-7 Jobs to easily identify job opportunities. Green for full-time positions, blue for part-time jobs, and purple for apprenticeships, ensuring job seekers find the perfect match for their preferences and skills.

  • Efficient Private Chat Rooms:

    Connect with potential employers or job seekers through secure and efficient private chat rooms within the 24-7 Jobs app, allowing seamless communication and fostering personalized interactions to make the hiring process smoother.

  • Rotating Cube of Opportunities:

    Stay updated with the latest job openings and promotions by using the app's rotating cube feature, which highlights open job opportunities and allows professionals to promote their businesses and services with just a click.

  • Comprehensive Profile Creation:

    Create detailed and informative profiles with name, location, skills, certifications, and work preferences for job seekers, while employers can showcase their company, location, website, and job descriptions, enabling more precise matches between job seekers and hiring entities in various industries and sectors.



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You can download this app via Apple’s App Store for your iOS device and Google Play Store for your Android device. Simply click on the links at the top or bottom of the page to download.

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